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Well done!

You've completed the first assignment.

You now understand whether you're talking about:

  • something that happened in the past that is completely finished (past simple).
  • something that happened in the past that is still ongoing, or still has an effect on what is happening now (present perfect).

Because you completed the last exercise, you go up one level. You do not only choose which answer is right, but you must also write down the answer yourself. This way you do not only practice the past simple and present perfect, but also work on your spelling.

You must complete at least one of the assignments below. If you find it difficult (or fun), you can of course make both exercises!



Exercise 2A: Ed Puzzle video quiz

In this exercise you will watch a video with 12 questions about the past simple and present perfect. When you have given all the answers, I will check them remotely (op afstand). When this is done you will receive the answers + comments from your me via your school e-mail.

How does it work?

  1. Click get started to get begin with the exercise.
  2. Put the video on full screen if you can't read it properly.
  3. You see a sentence in the video. You can fill in the answer and press submit.
  4. Then click continue to see the rest of the video and go to the next question.
  5. The video ends after 12 questions. You can then press  esc on your keyboard to return to this page.

Exercise 2B: Kahoot quiz

In this exercise you get 12 questions about the past simple and present perfect. When you have submitted an answer, you will immediately see whether it's correct or incorrect. If your answer is incorrect, you will see the correct answer on screen.

Do you prefer a bigger challenge? Then click through the answer without looking. That way you can try the exercise again afterwards.

How does it work?

Click HERE to start the quiz.

Enter your first name + first letter of your last name, then press play the Kahoot!

You'll get your answer and score after each question. You must score at least 70% for this part to pass. Did you score less than 70%? Then try the quiz again, until you get 9 out of 12 questions right. You may retake the quiz as many times as you want.

Tip: If you download the app on your phone, you can practise extra on questions that you find difficult.

You can move on the next exercise when you are finished.



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Need a little help? Watch the instruction video again.


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